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Help with a workout plan...


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Nov 20, 2002
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Can anyone help me create a workout plan?
I can't run for long distances, my knees don't like it (surgery on both) So i've been using the eliptical.
I do weight training, but i was wondering is someone had a good plan that i could try.

I'm 245lb / 6'

My end goal is to get down to around 210lb and cut, i really don't need mass, since i've got a good muscle structure already. My weak part is my upper back as well.

Any suggestions?

thanks in advance
As gay as this sounds, I know the Fit for Life program works really well but it is for basic fitness. It probably won't keep up for a fighter's workout plan.
yeah. that one won't quite work. I'm physically fit, but want the body to go with it.
If youre physically fit but not got the body then i would look at diet