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help with a paper on boxing


King Of No Pants
Oct 2, 2002
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Hello, I have a class over here in London (im studying abroad), and a final paper about british culture is required. I was thinking of researching the fightgame and the attitude towards it in the past century in London. I am not so familiar with british boxing history, so if anyone has any good links to information or books specifically with the UK and boxing history/popular culture that would be much appreciated.

thats really cool

i would suggest you start with how they went froom bare knuckl boxing in the late 1600's which were being held in the Royal Theatre of London and the Jack Broughton day's

boxing :: The bare-knuckle era -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia

also i'd do something on Tom Crubb vs Tom Molineaux,

cribb was the professional champion in the 1800's and fought molineux a former slave and bare knuck champion . i've seen a few documentary on channel 4 on it it was considered the biggest ever ever at the time

Tom Cribb - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia