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    Having recently done a count for the first time of the number of gis I've bought/tried out over the past 5+ years, totalling 20. I still have yet to find one that fits me really well in both the top and pants. I've got a long torso with broad-shoulders and short/thick legs.

    One of the gis on my wish-list is a Dragao Kimono but I am wary to make another purchase since my recent ones have not worked out 100%. Most recently I got a SYR#6 in A2 and really like the top but pants are a touch long for my liking and tight in the thighs. I typically wear A3 but then again it depends on the brand. The gis that fit me best are:

    HCK (top size 5, pant size 4)
    Atama gold-weave (A3)

    Below is the sizing chart from BFW. In terms of height, I'm an A2 but in weight I'm closer to A2G or A3.

    A2 - 5

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