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Oct 20, 2005
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we do a good bit of grappling at my school which i love.

most of the time i roll with a guy who weighs 180.
i weigh 150 so he has a considerate advantage.

i am pretty good in the clinche' and its very hard to take me down so i usually throw him to the ground.

then i go to the mount.

from there theres not a whole lot i can do to this guy.
he tucks his chin well so theres not a lot of chokes i can get. arm bars hardly ever happen.
thats why i'm asking you the people who do this alot more than me to give me some advice.

i am better on the bottom than i used to be. but i cant do jack in this situation cuz he practically squashes me.

so can you'll name some submissions that could be good in this situation?

this sounds so qweer.
control both his wrist, step over one if his shoulder with one foot(maintain pressure on his chest with your ass), roll to your side(or well let him roll you over) and secure a triangle.. always works for me
Could try a key lock after securing one wrist, transition to side mount. Switch your hips so you use your whole body weight to get his arm down and then lock in the key lock. You give up the mount but get a good sub attempt out of it.
learn how to setup your attacks. Do you know how to get triple attack already?
You can try swicthing to what we call the THD.

if he keeps his hands up, you can push one of his elbows to the side (for example left hand pushing his right elbow) and drop your chest on top of his tricep, trapping his arm across his chest. From here, you left hand under and behind his neck and grab his right wrist. this opens up some more options for you. click Here for a cool follow up!

good luck!
prctice the arm traingle from the mount if youo have a hard time finshing switch off to side mount
usually I go for a choke, if the guy tucks his chin you can crossface him if you don't feel like a prick doing it and just keep working for a choke, if you're patient, 90% of the time a the guy will give you an arm. Otherwise go for the triangle. If I'm on a smaller guy, alot of times you can "walk his arms up" if he doesn't go straight for an elbow escape. if he's bigger than you though, you'll have to be careful, he can buck and slip out from under you or maybe even roll you.
damn from the mount? there's a ton man, you just gotta set them up, you cant muscle them. look for him to make mistakes.

the easiest/simplest thing to work on, i think, is the americana (keylock). problem is that once you start forcing that wrist down, he'll know exactly wha tyou're going for and you wont get it. that's fine, just fuck around with it. see if he crosses his other arm over to try and free up the shoulder you're trying to sub, if he does that then you can clamp down and work a sidechoke or reach your hand around the back of his head to grab that arm and gift wrap him with his own arm, work from there. best case scenario is if he rolls a little to the side he's trying to get out of the americana while crossing that arm over and then you can take the armbar.

if you're up high mount on the guy then i like the top side triangle and even if he rolls you over its still clamped in. good stuff.
yeah the problem with the keylock is he knows about it cuz my instructor emphasizes that one.

he bos up and i can't move it.
Jaggulat1on said:
control both his wrist, step over one if his shoulder with one foot(maintain pressure on his chest with your ass), roll to your side(or well let him roll you over) and secure a triangle.. always works for me

Yeah I like that one a lot too.

I'd just add...BE PATIENT. He'll screw up eventually and give you an opening. Or practice flattening him out and keeping a solid low base, and really making it uncomfortable for him. That will usually be tolerable for him for only so long before he starts squirming to find an opening, then you go in for the sub...
you could smother him with your belly and lift your legs and let them switchplace..

when you sit up after that your upper body will turn 180 and you will be sitting on his stomach facing his legs... and there's the kneebar.....

but you have to do this all as one smooth movement thou
Personally, I agree with Bas Rutten's words and that would be that the mount is over-rated.

as far as straight grappling is concerned, the only thing I would go for is an armbar, but you gotta move balls fast for that. .if I'm not riding too low and depending on how green the person I'm sparring with is, I'd go for an inverted triangle choke (I think that's what they call it) if they manage to manuverone of their arms under me or I can get one of my legs to his throat. that way, my weight keeps it locked.
From side control you can do a reverse triangle Rigan Machado showed it to me a couple months back. I like to set it up on some one a little bigger than me. I cant explain very good so hears a link to a site that does.
KeichuTrained said:

never thought of a triangle from the top

good idea.

triangle from the top is my fav move..

but we do it differently than the guy explained. im too tired to type how tho but yeah... triangle from mount is really effective for me.