Help on gaining weight with Urban/Carnal program?? (No this is not a bb question)


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Jun 21, 2005
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So thats what I got for the first 8 weeks so far from here and my goal was to gain at least 20 lbs by March of 2006 for a submission wrestling tournament where the lowest weight class is 140 (Featherweight). That should be at least around 2-3 lbs per month and I will be taking EAS Phosphagen Elite Creatine & Pro-Lab Whey Protein for supplements and nothing more since I'm noob.

This isn't my first time lifting weights but its a first time that I started to seriously get together a program and work on it. Well my question was, will I meet my goal of 1-3 lbs of doing Urban/Carnal's program for the first 8 weeks of just doing 3x8-12 reps?? Because I'm only doing like 4-5 lifts a day and was wondering if that was too little to the point where I should add another exercise or two.

Help? Thanks.
eat more... bam! instant weight gain.
Airport, if you use AIM and are up late and night, IM me at CarnalSalvation, and we'll talk about how we can get you gaining weight like my man FCfighter here.

I don't charge either. I feel the need to qualify that point now, unfortunately.