help me weigh the benefits of staying thin vs. bulking up


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Jan 12, 2004
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i can't decide on whether or not i should continue to improve my conditioning and skill, or if i should start spending more time with the weights. the proverbial "wall" is not so far away, and it is not likely i will get much stronger without bulking up. i am about 6'5" and naturally not a very big dude. i have weighed as much as 240 (out of shape) and as little as 188 at this height. currently i'm between 195 and 200.

though my goal is not to be a pro fighter, i certainly am looking to improve my skills both on the ground and standing up. getting stronger could help, but it could also work against me. i am hoping to draw on experience from some of you folks. thanks for the help!
at 6'5" youd probably benefit from a bit more weight. 10-20 pounds could be about right.
10 or 15 pounds of muscle wouldnt hurt, but I'd stay under 230 if you wanna stay leaner and fast...
Getting stronger isn't going to work against you. The only thing to consider is whether or not spending time on one is going to take away from time you can spend on the other.

At 6'5, anything under 200 is going to be really skinny IMHO. MMA is still an explosive, power based sport, and you need muscle mass to do that.

If you're competing in weight classed events, than the huge height advantage might be some help at the lighter weight. But if you're concerned with handling all comers, than bigger is going to be better for quite some time at your current weight.
you should do a lot of wrestling and some weight lifting. go after your gut feeling, not the weight.
i have two friends; one of them is 6'6" and about 200-210lbs and the other one 6'5" and around 160lbs (he is skinny!) but the second i mentioned is actually not that much weaker in wrestling than the much heavier guy (though we have been training wrestling together for some time and that might come in beneficient). perhaps it was a poor example from my side, but the point is; weight isn't everything.
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FCFighter316 said:
stud muffins = chocolate muffins = yummy

That looks good. To stay on topic gaining 15 lbs of muscle sounds about right. Use your size and strength to your advantage while trying to maintain speed
it depends on alot

1: how well you preform at different weights

well that's bascially it :p

so try adding weight and see how your feel in the ring/mat...if you feel GREAT maybe add some more...
I am 6'6" 27 yrs old 242lbs 12.5% bodyfat right now, I have been as heavy as 282lbs. I have a large frame, what do you think your frame is? Also how old are you?

I think that my best competition weight would be between 230 and 235lbs, I would still be really strong and wouldn't have much fat weighing me down. Plus if I stay under 235 I won't have to fight the fat, out of shape guys in the super HW divisions. :) It all comes down to where you feel comfortable, when I am not dieting I weigh between 255 and 260 while training but feel sluggish. At my current weight I am faster than most of the 185+ fighters I train with standing and not to far behind on the ground, my strenth makes up for that though usually.