Help me peak December 3rd.

Chad Hamilton

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Feb 17, 2005
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This is for Carnal, Urban, KK, yomon, mick, and whoever else can help me.

Taylor, I've been doing the routine you made me for 2 weeks now, love it.
I've added complexes to the days I do plyo's and sprints, seperate from lifting days.
MMA training 4 days a week, on days I don't do your routine Taylor.

All I need is some help structuring this so I peak at the right time.
Also, Im at 200lbs and will be cutting to 185, so please take that into consideration.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

what does your schedule and routine look like using specifically? also do you have any mesocycles set up, do you unload? if so, when was the last time you did it?
Chad, I would increase the intensity, lower the overall volume, and really focus on making sure every calorie you take in is a quality calorie while you're cutting.

Also you'll definately want to step up your conditioning work and your time in the gym.
Whats the percentage that I need to lower my overall volume?