Help! Injury problem!

flamenco diablo

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Nov 9, 2003
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Okay so yesterday I go to judo and I pop some thows, I get thrown and work some ground.

Everything is nice but I notice a slight pain in my knee when I turned my foot towards the interior.

It all went fine until this morning. I had to run for the train. I got there in time I sat down and when I got up 40 minutes later my left foot wouldn't straighten all the way out. The knee became "contracted" so to speak. The bastard knee didn't allow me to bend my foot all the way. So I thought it's temporary.

Now the knee is getting a lot of stiffer and I have to walk around with a bent foot like a retard!!! Wow!!! This is freaking me out. I feel like it's swollen a bit on the inside but it's stiff like a fucker and doesn't like to bend that much.

Could this be serious shit? Torn ligaments and surgery? Or just some sort of knee spain?

I have to say that I experience no physical pain but the fucker doen't work normally.

Anyone know what's going on?

Thanks in advance.
GO SEE A DOCTOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A knee problem is the worst thing to let go if you grapple.
ive seen people with knee problems had some knee issues myself but ive never heard of what your describing id agree with what the person above said, see a doctor and make damn sure you explain to them exactly what you do when you train
See a doctor could be a torn miniscus (sp.)
Thanks for the replies guys...

Based on the feedback I decided to book an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow but I can't find the fucker's contancts. Ah the agony!

Life was so beautiful yesterday. Trust me knees are the coolest things ever. Protect them!!!

I'm headed to the doctorl tomorrow.
definatly go see a doctor. if its nothing serious he will tell you give you some deflamitorys and you will b fine. if it is serious the faster you take care of it the better it will heal.
sounds like a meniscus all there going to do is give you a brace itll take a few months to heal thats what happened to me.
Thanks for the input.

Apparently spiderguard is right. It is a meniscus problem and they gave me anti-inflamatory pills which I'm reluctant to take.

The doctor told me that the they could give me some knee brace but it doesn't really help.

They recommended that I see a speciality doctor.

Yesterday before I went to sleep the knee was inflated like a baloon and I could barely flex it. It seems like it got better overnight but the more I use the knee be more inflamed it gets.... Something must've really gone wrong there during a throw defense or something.... One thing's for sure out of all this. I can no loger block judo throws with my knees... That shit is suicide.
go see the specialist and dont take anti inflamatory pills. from 2 different specialists ive been anti inflamatories arent any good for swelling in only 1 area because they dont go directly to the problem