Help in NYC- i need mats!


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Aug 25, 2003
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i need very very cheap mats (or free ones) for my school. i go to pratt institute in brooklyn and i was supposed to take over the martial arts club here (which i did) but the school decided this year we are too big a liability so they said no and shut us down. the schools martial arts related equipment includes two heavy bag stands (one is broken entirely, the other has the lightest bag ive ever used) and a speed bag stand but there is no speed bag. the mats they have are torn up and not really made for what we need to do. if anyone lives in NYC and can help me out that would be greatly appreciated. PM me or respond here. the school will give us no money since the only way we can get money is if we were a club and they shut us down and the gym spent all their money on more machines that people will use for ten minutes then walk away (since this is art school, no one works out at the gym, they go their to look pretty). HELP!