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Help finding right instructional


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Dec 24, 2007
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I'm looking for a good instructional that teaches good set ups to armbars from open/closed/etc etc. No-gi or gi. I've seen a lot of instructionals show a crapload of triangle set ups and what not. I'm looking for armbar (from bottom). Let me know if you guys got good suggestions/recommendations.

igor yakimov has a 6 dvd set on armlocks, i havent seen it but i can say his leg lock set was really good.
theres an extenseive armbar set by two jiu jitsu blackbelts also, i forget what whom though and also havent seen it.
There are many single volume instructionals out there on armbars also.
Braulio Estima shows some good setups on his set using the GI to wrap up the arm, it's pretty sweet
I am pretty sure that Rigan Machado has a book dedicated to armbars.