Hector Lombard


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Nov 29, 2010
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Hectors ready.....
Hes about to be problems for anyone not named anderson
impressive showing but palhares was a great matchup for him. lombard vs weidman would be a very interesting fight, or lombard vs. stann
I think Weidman beats Lombard.
That dude has some real power... still don't know why he fought so conservatively againdt boetsch
paul harris gave up after he got punched once.
This thread needs more...

Palhares defense looked as if anyone with 2 hands could put him away...that or Lombard hits hard as hell lol
lol here comes the bandwagon, everyone hated him after the boestch fight, and now it's all "OMG, GO HECTOR! LOLZ" you fairweather fans
I noticed he wasn't as ripped (very homo) possibly to avoid gassing?
That Lombard we just saw would WRECK Tim Boetsch! He seemed like a totally different fighter mentally and thereof physically.
I kind of figured that would happen. I really like PauYauris, but I don't think he has a very good chin. Such a shame.