Hector Camacho Sr. vs. Perry Ballard 7/18 in Houston


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Nov 12, 2004
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South Coast Promotions, based out of Houston, is putting the card together. Ballard is 20 - 1 (15 KOs) from West Virginia.

The co-main event will be Christy Martin vs. Valerie Mahfood.

This will be a card featuring boxing and MMA events from fighters in the greater Houston area.
That sounds like it's going to be a heck of a circus.
How dare you not come to Houston and see an otherwise washed up Camacho with his trainer Angelo Dundee.
Both Angelo and Camacho were something once upon a time. Not now. Both of them need to call it quits.
Obviously, yes.

I'm hoping to get credentials to cover the MMA portion of the evening, but I'm still intruiged at an evening of boxing. From the sound of it, South Coast will have four events this year, so I'll try to get some more knowledge on the sweet science :D
Damn. It's funny. Last we heard of Camacho, he broke into a computer store and urinated in a fax machine whilst in the midst of commiting a burglary.

He should fight Martin in the main event.
I'll be watching Dark Knight instead for my birthday. Fuck this nacho shit.