Heavy Bag Springs


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Jun 13, 2007
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So I just put up a 70lb heavy bag that i've had for years in my room. Right now its on a chain and swivel but it swings way to much. Would a heavy bag spring like this :

Heavy Bag Springs

cut down on the swinging or is there something else I could do.
Anyone have a suggestion?

Yea.Hit lighter?Sorry couldnt resist that.:icon_twis

More seriously,use the swinging to move around and develop footwork.Or use a short left hand to 'stop' it when it swings excessively,normally after a combo or power punch(cross)

Or possibly actually increase the weight of the bag.Maybe a tube filled with sand in the middle of the bag (then repack fabric etc around it) would add stability and mass to it.

And bear in mind the length of the chains will also affect the swinging of the bag.
Sometimes there is a D-ring or loop at the bottom of the bag that you can use to add another rope/cord to attach to the floor for additional support.