Heavy Bag Questions


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Jan 14, 2013
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Hi all,

Long-time listener, first-time caller. I've learned a lot reading answers to other sherdoggers' posts, and now I have a few questions of my own regarding training on a heavy bag. If anyone can advise, I would be much obliged.

A little background on me: I did about six months of MMA training before I moved to an area that has no instruction, so now I'm on my own. In that training, I hit focus mitts and occasionally sparred lightly while learning how to throw technically correct punches. Now I'm trying to apply that experience to the heavy bag, but am having problems.

I'm using Bas Rutten's boxing workout on my 70-lb heavy bag, which is not tied down. Here are the problems / questions I have.

1. The bag swings wildly as I'm punching it. I understand that this can be due to the bag being too light or me "pushing" my punches. This swinging makes it hard for me to get into position quickly enough for me to do the combos as Bas calls them out. Should I (a) tie the bag down, (b) try to "snap" my punches, or (c) get better at my footwork?

2. When I hit a 1-2-3, the bag typically seems to be out of range for a good, tight hook after the cross. How do I manage that situation?

3. In contradiction to issue 2, when I try to follow up with a leg kick after a combo, such as a 1-2, I'm typically crowding the bag too much to really get it off right.

Are these problems all related to range? Perhaps I need to just really work technique for a few weeks before getting even sloppier trying to keep up with Bas.

One more issue. I made the mistake of making a video of a session (which I will not post here for obvious reasons), and I noticed that I look very stiff when I'm drilling. I'm pretty tall, and my stance and (lack of) motion actually kind of reminds me of Tim Sylvia, in that I'm very upright, and don't really move much. How can I become more dynamic and fluid? I'm guessing bending the knees more, bobbing and weaving, and, once again, better footwork.

I know it's hard to advise somebody on this stuff without actually seeing them in action, but if anybody wants to try, I would appreciate it.

Thanks to all,

I think your right in saying that you should work on technique. Bas' workout is at a pretty frenetic pace, as it's meant to be conditioning. Work your technique at your own pace first. The bag swinging is a good thing for the most part. Just work on your foot placement. I also seem to always have difficulty finishing a combo with a kick on the heavy bag. I end up crowding it or leaning forward. It just takes time.
Thanks, Discipulus. I'll just forgo Bas for the time being and practice fluidity. Good luck in your training!