heavy bag: question on hand swelling


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Dec 3, 2003
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Firstly I'll say, im not trained in striking. I've recently started hitting the heavy bag hanging in my buddies garage(where I lift). Im trying to employ technique I've seen, and read about. The overall goal at this point is just cardio that doesnt bore me. While I realise technique is the most important thing, Im not going to be using it in the ring.

My question is this, I use the heavy bag gloves my friend has(no padding, just basic leather). I went at it pretty good the other day, it resulted in some swelling the next day. Will my hands build up a tolerance to hitting the bag?

MY advice to you is learn to properly wrap your hands and also abandon the bag gloves and get a good pair of regular boxing gloves. It is so easy to injure your hand. I know from experience I have been out of action for 4 months with a badly injured hand and will probably be out a few more. I was wearing gloves and had my hands wrapped and I still hurt my hand in a freak accident.
Anyone hwo tries to "toughen" up their hands is taking a risk of seriously injuring their hands. My hand is so babdly injured I had to have surgery and will probably have to have another surgery before it is even 75% healed. this sucks because I am losing money every week I cant fight and I may nt ever be 100% again.
that sucks man, hope it heals better than new for you

Was it your hand that was injured or your wrist?
both. My index finger knuckle and middle finger knuckle where both damaged and my wrist is spider web fractured. This injury came from sparring when I threw a punch and landed on partners top of head and then landed punch on tip of his elbows neither was super hard punch just a freak accident and my hands where wrapped very well and I was wearing 14 oz sparring gloves. Can you imagine the injury you could possible get with no handwraps or padded gloves?
Ice your hands dude! Ice takes down swelling and eliminates pain. Wrap your hands and start using 12-16 ounce bag gloves.
Dedicado said:
Ice your hands dude! Ice takes down swelling and eliminates pain. Wrap your hands and start using 12-16 ounce bag gloves.

wow and you were wearing 14 oz gloves? that sucks dude. I hope it heals quickly. good luck to ya brother.
use hand wraps and ditch the bag gloves and go for boxing gloves.
Use some better gloves with padding and wrap your hands nice until you build up some serious hand strength and then maybe use some MMA gloves or just wraps when you feel you can do the heavy bag without getting injured.