"Healing Foods" Pyramid

Chad Hamilton said:
That makes me feel good Mick.

Seriously, though, doesn't this pyramid kick the FDA's pyramid's ass? Water as the foundation, vegetables and fruits as the primary food source? Including dark chocolate at the top- not ignoring it's unique antioxidant properties? How awesome is this pyramid.

For general nutrition advice, this pyramid should be at the top of our forum.
joey roastbeef said:
i love steak too much

You mean you love roast beef too much.

You can still eat steak in this pyramid, and in fact, you are encouraged to eat red meats.

The six leanest cuts all you guys should be getting are:

1) Top Round
2) Top Loin
3) Round Tip
4) Tenderloin
5) Sirloin
6) Eye of Round

So yeah, you gotta lay off your ribeye. But steak lovers usually prefer the last three cuts. If you tenderize, cut along the length, and marinade long enough, you can still get a great, tender steak.
not bad , not bad at all

and yeah the water as a base is a nice touch there :wink:

I still like this pyramid. Think some more guys should see it.
A tremendous improvement above the original, but still not targeted toward the athlete. Put meats/fish where legumes are, shift everything else upward accordingly, and it is looking pretty solid.

My "healing foods":

whole grain bread
peanut butter

nothing else is needed
Very nice find, nice to come back from vacation and see this. FDA can lick my sack.