hayabusa rash guard sizing



i just ordered a hayabusa rash guard at medium! usually in t shirts i wore medium (except franklin marshal that im large). are they run smaller than usuall sizing ?

p.s i will review it together with the koral one i have!
Please post back when you recive it. I will be ordering one soon and it would be beneficial to me to know the sizing before hand.
Email [email protected] if you want to find out what size fits you best. Tell them your height, weight, build and they'll suggest the best size for you.

They have great customer service there and will fill you in on all you want to know about their products. I was actually told I would be too big for their XL rashguard, so it saved me from making the purchase only to find it was too tight.
i know that will be the right and wise thing to do! usually i order my rash guards large cause i want them a bit big! but for a mystyrious reason i saw today in the receipt of the shipment that i ordered the medium! thats why i asked ........................cause if it is smaller than usual medium i will have to shiped back in canada (that rashguard will hv seen the wolrd in two weeks)
i just got it today !the size is good! im arround 165 lbs(75 kg) and 5.8" (1.78) so if u dnt hv a huge back go with what you normal wear!

a review and a comparison with my koral one will take place in a week or so!!
I also wear medium shirts and I ordered this RG in medium and it fits me fine as well.
I wear a large t-shirt (5-10, 185) and my large Hayabusa rashguard fits well... the logos disappeared after a few washings, but the stitching is fairly versatile
You chose a great rashguard - it should last you a long time.
It's annoying that Hayabusa sizing guides never give measurements that go around the body (e.g. chest or waist circumference), but only measure the front part, so you don't really know where to start/end the measurement (e.g. is it just the front part or you need go to the middle of your sides):