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have you reached any of your goals

Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by devante, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. devante Silver Belt

    May 29, 2005
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    question, we often comment on things we need to add or want to add to our game; have you been able to accomplish any of those said goals in regards to maybe trying out a new style, working on a strategic, or developing new tech...etc.

    as for me

    1)i have begun to expand my base of knowledge, i.e. i started learning muay thai, i never been a big kick/clinch/knee guy; but im beginning to learn those aspects, not that im okay good or great. I am expanding my knowledge and skills that i can apply in drills and in sparring.

    2)sparring more; in the past month and a half i have gotten in more sparring... more consistently than i have had in years, not saying i do it all the time or most of the time. But i have been able to increase the frequency and consistency of my standup sparring...

    3)body punching, i was never much of a body puncher; in fact i only used it sparingly at best. But in the past few years i have begun to actively use it, an i can't imagine why i didn't use it before; its actually pretty cool and most people just aren't prepared for that or used to it (mma circles/not boxing circles). Once again i can't say im ok good or great at it; but i have gotten better/more effective w/it and actually can say its part of my game. One of the main reasons i started using it was when sparring w/tma types who were so good at range, maintaining it, increasing it and closing it; i wasn't able to get to the head or assert myself w/my style. So i started working the body, an was able to get to it regardless of how smooth or mobile or fast they were; an then i just started to work it more.

    4)staying in and exchanging or being offensive; most of the time i was a stick and move guy, very defensive guy. Often im looking to slip, angle off, parry or block shots; not seeking to actively counter or actively attack, now i make it a point to try and assert myself offensively.

    5)kicking-always liked it; but wasn't a fan of it for myself, started doing it and im okay, pretty cool to use it in sparring. Whether it lands clean or is blocked/parried, the feeling of being able to throw a functional, hard and "decent" kick is pretty cool opens up more opp for the hands and allows me to get away from the strikes..and pressure that movement guys like me don't like.

    things i haven't done yet-

    still not actively countering, often looking to admire my work defensively; if i slip or block a shot or whatever; i always admire it and take more pride in it then landing or a kick or punch. I complete the first hand, def manuever; don't finish the deal, i.e. the counter..at least not consistently.

    letting hands go, i have become more asseritive offensively; but i still haven't gotten into opening up, i still like the cleanest shots..the clearest shots. An sometimes you just have to open up, make the person work defensively or hurt them; an my pick shot, pot shot, lead shot approach doesn't always do that.

    there are other things- but these are the major ones
  2. c0r1nth14n Blue Belt

    Jun 10, 2010
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    Los Angeles
    Tricky question. I've definitely reached some of my goals, but... it's a ladder-style thing, you know? Just today I managed to slip-and-counter for the first time during sparring, which was part of a larger goal to learn a lot more slipping/blocking/counters/etc. So that's sort of a stepping-stone goal - previously I'd only been able to do it in drills, where it was slowed down, or I knew it was coming, etc. I also don't shut down when I'm under heavy attack anymore, which used to be a big problem for me. A few other things like that as well. Still got a long way to go with everything, but I'm getting there.

    I also have a similar problem with being offensive enough. I'm not sure if it's just my nature or that I'm almost always sparring much more experienced guys, but I'm definitely reluctant to launch an aggressive offense. Still working on that one.

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