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Has anyone trained Krav Maga before?


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Oct 12, 2005
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I found a Krav Maga gym near my house.
I have no idea about Krav Maga. I'm wondering if I should give a try on that.
If u have any experience on Krav Maga, please educate me.
What are you goals? Do you want to learn how to rip somone's nuts off in a streetfight? If so, you're in the right place!

BTW, you should use the search function and check out the Standup Forum for info on Krav Maga and any other striking MA.
Krav maga is "supposedly" the fighting system used by the israeli forces, its arm-to-arm and arm-against-small weapons combat. Is it effective in general? maybe if u trained it in israel under a real krav maga expert! Is it effective if u trained in the US? NO!! because over 90% of the instructors take less than 3 months of courses and become certified instructors makingmoney off the hype made about this system on tv.

Is it effective in MMA/NHB competition? if your goal is to lose badly then this is the system to choose!

conclusion: its a rip-off self defense course designed to make money off single women who think they are in danger of being attacked at night or in a parking lot.
I tried out a Krav Maga class in my town. Of course, the instructor is the important factor. The Krav gym in my town has a respected owner. While Krav maga is more focused on self-defense (eye gouges, crotch shots, etc), I found that they are stress aeorbic conditioning very highly. The class I took was 1 hour and 15 minutes of literally non-stop workout. I think if you are looking to get very fit or just want to add a good workout to your routine you should try out a class.
Do they teach a lot of striking and kicking and elbowing? or it's jusr mainlly how to dodge bullet or grab the knife on perfect timing bull shit?
OoosunkingooO said:
Do they teach a lot of striking and kicking and elbowing? or it's jusr mainlly how to dodge bullet or grab the knife on perfect timing bull shit?

I would check to see if they offer a free/trial class to see if you like it. You still haven't answered my question regarding what you are looking for. If striking is your main goal, I would take either MT or boxing.
The "bullet dodging" and "knife grabbing" bullshit they teach is actualy no joke. It's used with success by lots of military organizations (FBI, CIA, local police, etc.). They also teach striking and grappling but the main focus is to end combat as quickly and safely as possible. It's much more oriented to not being in a fight than to winning an MMA fight. This all depends, of course, on where you learn it. Krav Maga is subject to the McDojo syndrome just like every other martial art. I would recommend taking boxing/Thai Boxing and wrestling/BJJ instead for MMA purposes but try out a class if they're offering a free one.
All jui-jitsu and MT techniques can be used effectively in a real fight and in real competition if u train and improve yourself in them, as for "bullet dodging" i am still waiting for an instructor to do a "real demonstration" with live ammunition to see if all the training for it pays off when the gun is real!
I watched a Krav Maga class once and wasn't impressed really. From a RBSD standpoint the instructor neglects the fact that each and every person handles the adrenal reaction to a street encounter differently. The techniques were TOO fine motor to work for the average person in a streetfight/attack, when in reality the adrenal dump will negate most fine motor skills.

Yes, there are exceptions. People who train in MA's and spar on a regular basis tend to handle the adrenal stress response in a streetfight better than most.

PS. I'm weary of any MA class where the intsructor insists on wearing a tonne of camo.
Sonny said:
PS. I'm weary of any MA class where the intsructor insists on wearing a tonne of camo.

That reminds me of a woman who I used to go out with. But we still see each other from time to time. Well...she doesn't see me.

Cause I'm...hiding in the bushes.

From my understanding (Which was never really good in the first place, but bear with me.) krav maga is used to end fights fast and for sure. Someone I train with used to train Krav Maga, and he told me that they used the body's natural reactions to help them when they are attacked in the street. For example the body's natural reaction when about to be hit usually is to put up their hand to try and stop it. Krav Maga apparently conditioned his motor skills that when he sees that hand come up, he raises his hand to stop it and throws a punch at the same time. Very quick and to the point, ending fights QUICK.

If you are looking for self defense, try a free class, or maybe sign up for the shortest time you can to see how you like it. And remember to always listen to your gut. Unless your gut is a lying cheating sack of shit like mine.
kaewkaew said:
conclusion: its a rip-off self defense course designed to make money off single women who think they are in danger of being attacked at night or in a parking lot.

i take krav and i agree with this more than i'd like to say. i don't know if it's just my school or if it's standard in krav, but there's no sparring at my school. if i had known this when i started i never would have signed up for it.

it really depends on the instructor that is teaching the class but a lot of times i feel like i am in a women's self defense class.
Search function.

Tons of arguments about the efficacy (or lack of efficacy :eek: :eek: ) of Krav Maga.

To echo what some have already posted, Krav Maga is indeed subject to McDojo-ization, but it ultimately boils down to the legitimacy of the instructors at the local schools. At my school, we do plenty of sparring, randori, and mix up the two from time to time. I cross-train in BJJ (blue belt), Judo, and wrestling (nearly a decade of experienc), been to a few Bas seminars now, believe in Geoff Thompson's approach. One of our other instructors is a green belt in MT and jitzes as well, so we have a good comprehenisve background to bring to the table.

Man! There's no sparring at your school! That sucks.

I've taught Krav now for nearly 3 years, been a student for nearly four. Not gonna try to sell you on it, because it mostly boils down to what you're looking for, your goals, and what the instructors are willing to offer.

A good Krav instructor should convey that Krav is not the end-all be-all; never was. Like Dominic stated, its about trying to end a fight quickly to go home safely. And by ending the fight, I mean disrupting an attack long enough to find the opportunity to escape, not simply KOing or tapping people out, which is ridiculously unlikely considering some size and athletic disparities. Some folk here might thing its cowardly to turn and utilize nike defense, but if is what gets you home in one piece at the time, then I endorse it. That's the perspective I convey when teaching at least.

One of the pluses in Krav are the weapon defenses (hand gun, knife, stick). They are highly effective IMO, yet imperfect (what systems out ARE perfect), and I always premise teaching these techniques telling folks that sh!t is FUBAR if it gets to this point there is high likelihood thay you may be injured from this point on (I think anyone teaching weapons defenses without disclaimers is a charlatan). The down side is that most schools don't teach these until more advanced levels, but again, I don't have a control of national standards for curriculum.

OoosunkingooO, to sum up, you have to know why you are looking to train in the first place. Try the place out and see for yourself. Do they teach weapons defenses early? Do they offer a fighting program? Is there grappling/BJJ/Sub wrestling offered? Also, are you an LEO? There is a separate curriculum that takes more of a law-enforcement tactical approach to the techinques (I'm unfamiliar with the curriculum so ask the instructor). I've been to several schools nationwide, and have seen good krav and bad krav. If you're looking to compete or MMA, and its not offered at this school, then you might want to look at other gyms.


LOL there are always peeps on these threads with agendas. Have you trained in Krav before? I agree that the manner it is marketed on the large scale is suspect, but I have no control over that. I DO KNOW that here were we train, the so-called soccer moms don't normally hang around long, for different reasons. Our most experienced students are males with decent standup and ground skills.

Personally, I'm not a fan of those instructors giving KM a bad name either.

I'm done here. Unfortunately, this is such a controversial subject that it usually spirals into mudslinging "my kung fu is better than yours" nonsense. Good luck, OoosunkingooO, in whatever you decide to do.

Flame away!!! I'll see y'all in the grappling forum!!
stay away from Krav Maga schools affiliated with KMAA they are nothing more than glorified yellow belts in the system. Look into kapap under Maj. Avi Nardia or look into Combat Krav Maga these guys are real Krav maga guys out of the israeli Army
i did it for like 4months it was expensive and a waste ..i train kboxing now ...cheaper and alooot better
krav maga is ok for the street not for mma
Correction someone said 3 months or training in realityit is 2 weeks then your certified. The KMAA organization is going down they are loosing ground for the simple fact that there head of there organization got his black belt in 8 weeks of training over a 3 year span. they are loosing major ground to Combat Krav maga and haganah
To add take in the account that Avi Nardia has done what many in this world or industry claim in Self-defense. He spends no money in advertising like KM does or Haganah and still his accomplishments and teacing is highly regarded around the world. I don't mean to come off like a nuthugger, even though I sound like it, but i respct anyone that has passion about what thy do and offers quality training. I have been involoved in Muay Thai and some Israeli Martial Arts in my life and after all the searchng and research i put in, Kapap is the Real deal!!! I can promise that!!!