Has Alex Surpassed Izzy's legacy?

All time combat athlete Pereira is ahead but MMA only Izzy is greater. He's the second greatest middleweight of all time, Pereira never defended the MW belt and has a single defense at LHW. It's like comparing Conor to Volk imo.
What great wrestlers has Izzy fought? Zero.

Yoel Romero was an Olympian for wrestling. Whittaker was also a wrestler.

Edit. I realized a bunch of people already put you in your place on this one. I should read the thread first next time.
Next guy who loses, loses.

Izzy has a big advantage inlongevity, Alex moved up and defended, and is the better fighter of the two.

It's damn close.

I do however like Alex better largely due to the end of the Costa fight. But, neither are my guys.
Agree with all except 'beat Jan connivingly'.

But yeah, he's getting close to it I'd say. Israel obviously has some defences racked up but most of his good-great wins were in terrible fashion, and just sort of avoidance tip-tap BS 'fights', where, okay he technically... prolly won, but... to me it's how you win too. And a champion or a GOAT should win in style and no questions asked, not just 'ehh, I guess?'.

The Adesanya fight and win was terrible. The Yoel fight was abysmal. Costa win was great but Costa hardly a great is he... Um, who else... Whittaker x 2 is probably his best win, but second win he kind of struggled, which makes the first look like a bit of a fluke.
Of course he has. Alex has beaten 5 champions or former champions in 8 UFC fights (finishing 4 of them). 2 division champ (something Izzy tried and failed to do). Knocking off average contenders is not more impressive than what Alex has done.

And if we're talking about combat sports as a whole, it's not even close.
Yes but only because Izzy gave him the opportunity. Alex gets the edge because Izzy is scared and because alex went up and got the 205 title
No in addition to not having an extended reign he hasn't cleaned out a division or proven himself against good wrestlers.

What makes Izzy unusual is that he came from kickboxing and is very good at shutting down wrestlers despite being lanky.
Steroids help with that
Alex goes up and I think he may go and win in the HW to cement his legacy. Of course, this is possible. where else could he go, I don't see Magomedov fighting him. But Tom might just and then Jones.
They're records are vastly different .
You can compare izzys win streak at 185
Can compare alex moving up and getting 2 belts
You can compare who's beat who to who lost to who

185 izzy takes it
As a whole Alex takes it

The records can not be compared though they're vastly different
i think there's an argument for it but hard to argue when one guy dominated his weight class for so long. couple more title defenses at 205 though and it's not even arguable.
Who has Izzy beat that poatan wouldn't? You think Alex can't beat gastelum, Costa?

Who has poatan beat that Izzy can't.. we know the answer already Jan/Strickland let alone hill and jiri

Oh is it make-believe time now? We're giving credit for make-believe accomplishments? Is this who can make up the best hypothetical achievement? Because here I am like a jackass just looking at actual accomplishments.
TBH Alex is way more exciting, but Izzy has a better UFC career at this point. If Alex goes up to HW and grabs the strap he’s a GOAT even if he never wins another fight.
People bring up Izzy's title defense, but they really aren't very impressive or meaningful. His first defense was a robbery against Yoel where he literally stood there and did nothing the whole fight. In the Cannonier and Vettori fights he ran away and threw some weak kicks for a decision win.

The Jan, Jiri, and Hill wins are more impressive than anything Izzy has ever done.

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