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Apr 4, 2008
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Hi I just joined MMA at the Fight Pit and I was wondering how I should go about wrapping my hands.

Normally this wouldn't be a problem with Muay Thai kickboxing 16 oz gloves but the gloves in MMA are actual UFC-style gloves. My hands aren't all that big and I fit into a Regular size glove but after applying my hand wraps(180 inch Mexican style) I find it hard, if even possible, to fit my hands into my gloves: and when I do it isn't all that comfortable.

Suggestions? :redface:
1) get bigger gloves.

2) get 104" (or is it cm?) wraps. they're marketed as "MMA" wraps.

3) don't use wraps. real men dont even use gloves. :icon_twis
Combat Sports International (CSI) MMA handwraps (120'' x 1.5'') are very convenient.
Ringside kids handwraps are 120'' x 1.5'' too.
1) Get kids/junior/MMA wrap.
2) Wrap a different way, less on the knuckles and more on the wrist.
I go mT style..have a few Twins 180"x2" wraps and i love them..protect my wrists very well