Hand wrap technique.


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Apr 4, 2008
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Not sure if I should put this in the stand up technique forum or not but I figured I would give it a go here.

I am sort of a handwrap nazi. I am always trying to wrap my hands perfectly. Recently I started paying more attention to other people and how they wrap their hands. I noticed several different techniques and was just curious if there was particular technique that people on here prefer. The first link is how I have always wrapped my hands. Any critiques or suggestions?
YouTube - How To Wrap Hands For Muay Thai Boxing

at the gym i go to, it's usually a tossup between regular boxing handwraps, where they dont use the wrap in between the knuckles, or MT handwraps.

i was taught by a friend of mine who trained at fairtex to use the thumb loop for light work, or stack layers like in the youtube video for heavier bag work and hard sparring.

i stack the wraps most of the time, start at the pinky/ring knuckles, and when i go in between the knuckles, i twist the wrap. then take the wrap around the wrist, then off to the ring/middle finger knuckle, and repeat the process. before i get to the last gap in between the knuckles though, i wrap my thumb once, around the wrist once, then do the middle/index knuckle, wrap around the wrist, then the thumb one more time and use the excess wrap for the wrist.

long winded, but hope it wasnt too confusing.
thanks for the reply. I almost never wrap my thumb. I have been doing bag and pad work for a while and never hurt my thumb...but I guess it only takes only one wrong strike to break or jam it. I will work wrapping my thumb into it from now on.
there's two trains of thought for it i suppose. some thai gloves are thumbless or have free moving thumbs so it would be prudent to wrap em up. some people figure if you keep it tucked all the time, there's no need.

i made it a regular habit to wrap the thumb, so when i moved onto mma from boxing/kb/mt and the like my thumb would have some support.

it might all be a matter of personal preference, but i would rather keep all bases covered just in case of a freak accident, seeing as my standup could use a ton of work.