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Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by Foxx_MMA, Jan 10, 2006.

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    Since it seems like mouthguard day i thought it would be appropriate to ask this question. I ordered an opro pro impact fang cause i got a kit off a guy for 30 bucks so i figured i couldnt go wrong, but i hear all this stuff about hand trimmed vs machine trimmed. Is this just relating to fit or comfort or safety. I say this cause mine fits me fine and feels sealed to my teeth, so if i am comfortable is this something i shoudlnt worry about. Thanks
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    Hand trimmed verses machine is important. An automated machine is more likely to cut the guard exactly the same for each and every guard and not take into consideration any of the personal dental anatomy that each individual person has. Basically it's a cookie cutter design where one size fits all.
    Hand trimmed is usually a little more personal and custom. There is a predetermined shape but it is easily adjusted by the technician to conform to the individuals arch and dental anatomy. Since everyone's mouth is different then so too should be the shape and trim of the mouthguard. To give an example: The aveolar bone (your gums) is the bone that holds your upper teeth in place. If the guard does not cover enough of that area then it will fall short in protection against a guard that has full coverage. You want to cover as much as you can. You want bullet proof armor to cover as much as possible right? same with a mouthguard. Not to mention you also need a lower bite place into the underside of your guard to lock your teeth in or you are simply asking for trouble.
    This is not my opinion but facts according to Sports Dentistry.

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