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Nov 7, 2005
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hey guys just wandering about tips for increasing grip/hand strength. Ive been squeezing a tennis ball in my room for a week and i already feel a huge improvement. Doing it for wrestling, because i already have top-notch tilts but i want it to where when i have hand control, they get theyre hand back when i give it to them. I also have been just digging my hands into a thing of sand and squeezing hard. So any tips would be helpfull thank you.
Get a buket of water and a towel, soak the towel and wrench out the water back in the bucket. Squeeze every last drop!! and repeat

Take two towels and had them over a chin up bar. pull yourself up holding only towels, using grip.
Man... I clicked on this thread and thought to my self: PLEASE don't let this be a thread by somebody who has put no effort whatsoever into researching a topic that has been covered recently ad naseum. But BEHOLD! it is! Urbans basic starter kit: http://www.sherdog.net/forums/showthread.php?t=318498 asside from the pussy hands thread, this should get you going. you may want to peruse the first page of a forum before you start asking questions BTW.
1) Go to your local mall.

2) Look for girls with big asses

3) Use your stealth to sneak up behind them

4) Grab their ass and squeeze hard

This method improves your grip and forces you to devolp the break away spead necissary to avoid getting arrested.

or check out the thread listed above.
FCFighter316 said:
Bwhahahahaha I'm gonna try that

hey I do it all the the time to my girlfriend, its a good way to see if your making progress...the harder you get slapped the better your grip is getting...