Thanks man, could you post a video and show me how its done?
Woah you're way too close inside the range of that bag. At that range you should be lighting it on fire and yet you're not. You're pathetically weak. Get some heart and soul son. Wheres that teen anger now? I can almost hear that bag laughing at you asking you if that's all you got.
Two basic things you can work on... bring your hands straight back, you drop them after a lot of your punches. Bring your kicks back quicker.
To add onto what Benn said, if you are going to keep a high guard you need to throw your punches directly from their. You don't want to drop them into firing position before hand. It is the worst kind of telegraph.
Turn your hips over more when you kick. You might also find it helpful to swing the same-side arm back when you kick i.e. when you do the left kick swing your left arm back.
What kind of standing bag is that?

Also who thought it was so important to call during your bag sesh(session) :)
that's actually not bad for only a month of training

but yeah, what people said...concentrate more on good follow through. turn the hips over more. etc
Will go in an other direction.
A low-kick is not a good oppenning if you are in striking range. (at least not like that)
Feint a punch, stepin or aside and kick with this angle \ downward.

Safty tips, remove bag from close to wall position.
If it's this close, how are you going to land nice clean shin kicks to ribs/legs?