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Gym around San Jose, CA?


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Feb 11, 2006
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I just moved to San Jose and was hoping that some of you fine individuals would be able to give me some good insight as to where I can train around here.
Thanks for the reply. I probably should have mentioned that AKA was the first place I thought of, but 200 bucks a month is a bit out of my price range for the time being.

At the moment I am just looking for a place that I can stay in shape and keep my reflexes sharp without dropping too much cash. Once I get a little more on my feet I would love to train somewhere like AKA.
frank shamrocks school is closeby in San jose as well, and I do not think he charges $200 a month to train. Try looking there.
Caesar Gracie's place is in Pleasant Hill/Concord, but they're hush hush and closed off to most people.

There's a place in Tracy (about 45 minutes from San Jose barring traffic), called Charlie Gracie's JIu Jistu, but there's questions that he's a real gracie. From what I undestand, they ahve solid BJJ guys there though, but nobody again knows about he credentials.

Fairtex in San Francisco has quality instruction for 300 a month.
Yeah Charles Gracie Is Totally Legit, Good Place To Train In My Opinion. I Was There For A Month When I Was On Leave.
AKA is a good place. I dropped in there once and they were all real cool. Plus, Dave Camarillo is awesome.

Claudio Franca has a school in San Jose as well. His guys always do well in tournaments.

There is no question regarding Charles Gracie's legitimacy. He runs a ton of BJJ schools but Tracy from San Jose is at least an hour on a good day.