Guillotine From the Back?

Coach Couzo

Orange Belt
Sep 20, 2005
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Graciemag recently posted an article about a guillotine from the 'back' (almost turtle) position -

My question: Has anyone had success with this move? And, could you provide more details.

At the risk of challenging Pequeno's technique, I'm just not sure of its effectiveness. When the person in 'back' position reaches behind to grab his opponent
When I read this I thought you meant dragon sleeper. This move seems good but wouldn't it give your opponent even more time to escape than a standard guilotine?
I'll have to play around with it next class does appear as though it would be pretty easy to avoid though.
gracie mag showed pequeno's tech without any credit to luta livre (pequeno's background)
Dr. BadAss said:
That arm looks in danger of getting kimura-ed to me.

that's what I really thought too.

especially since you have to give up your grip to turn into guard.

I think it'd work on someone who's new and never seen the technique before. I'm glad I saw it here before someone tried it on me in class =P
Ahahahaha, I saw a white belt make this up last night when he was spazzing out with another new guy.
I don't think that is a very high percentage finisher of a technique. I can see kimura and chickenwing opportunities.
Nice. Seems like it might be hard to do though. When you reach back like that someone could just plow you over adn go in to a side mount.
youre gonna get reversed and tapped with a simple move like a kimura if you try this and your name isnt pequeno
Nate Pringle said:
youre gonna get reversed and tapped with a simple move like a kimura if you try this and your name isnt pequeno

... so how does Pequeno pull it off with world class grapplers (almost anything will work against novices)?
I know he has a killer guillotine, but has Pequeno gotten anyone noteworthy with this setup?
I've not seen it happen. He's got most of his wins by guillotine from the guard or jumping to guard and locking on the guillotine, I've not seen this set up used by him in competition personally. Anyone know any better?
I see more opportunities for the guy "on top" to counter/improve position, than I see for the bottom guy doing that successfully.

I'd feel a lot safer trying to roll for a kneebar or something.
You know, up to step 2, I see no problem. However after that I'd actually turtle more and put my head on the ground for a base, fake a roll through so he tries to stand up or sit back allowing me space to move, then spin towards the guy and lock on the guillotine. I just see chickenwings as soon as you reach back or even wristlocks if you spend too much time on it or lock your hands up behind your back. The guy could just grab your wrist, pass over your legs, sit out behind your back and tear your entire shoulder out.