Guillotine choke


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Apr 2, 2005
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alright, well i have a lot of trouble with getting caught in th guillotine choke. I shoot for a leg and everytime one of my buddies does this. I can easily pick them up and slam them. But i want a legit escape. any help?
Best to prevent it in the first place by keeping your chin tucked down tight.
Tough to defend if you're shooting since your forward momentum basically drives your head into their guillotining arm, making your situation worse (again, best to prevent it in the first place).
ya makes sense man haha thanks, sounds dumb but i never thought of that. Thanks alot man.
When you shoot in you need to keep your head inside of the was hard for me at first too cause I was a wrestler
If hes choking you with your head under his right armpit, throw your right arm over his back to relieve some of the force from the choke. With the other hand, hook his forearm with your hand to try and pull his hand away from the choke. Next, put your right leg behind his left leg or knee and trip him to the floor. When your both on the floor, drive your shoulder into his neck or your forearm into his neck. I hope this makes sense.
Basic defense is to reach deep putting your far arm in the middle of their back and using your elbow to keep their head down so they cant posture. Post your close arm on their knee so they cant jump guard or get their hips under them to help them posture.
or you could just keep your head on the insed of the hip and not get caught at all..either way
At my school, we put the arm on the side where you're being choked on the guy's hip (assuming standing guillotine) and drape the other arm over his trapezoid. We've just been taught to then wait it out, because you physically cannot be choked out from this position (although with a gi, you might smother in his sleeve if you're not careful). This is a choke that takes a LOT out of the person applying it, so we simply wait until his bicep tires out and then pull our heads out of the hold. If he tries to go to ground, cross the arm on the side being choked diagonally across his body and grab the back of his knee. Pull and you will fall into side control (although your head will still be trapped). Again, you will wait it out and then pull your head out of the choke.
When they drop down to guard, throw your arm over his shoulder (same side he is choking you with), tripod up on your legs until his legs start to fall down your back. Keep shimmying his legs down with the help of your hand on the inside crack of his knee while continuing to tripod up. Once you get his legs at least near your thighs then sit to your side (be sure you sit to the side opposite of the arm so his elbow ends up in the air. Control his leg and go into side-mount.
look up and stick your head to his side. lead with your hip and not with your head.