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    General FAQs

    We've spent a good amount of time making the FAQs what we believe to be an excellent introduction to strength and conditioning. If you're a beginner, there's a good chance your question is already answered there, even better than it would be answered if you started a new thread. Beyond that, reading the FAQs serves as a knowledge primer, so that you can better ask questions and take part in discussion. It may seem like a lot of reading, but the time and effort it takes to read the FAQs is incredibly small compared to the time and effort it takes to successfully train for any athletic goal.

    So go ahead and read the hell out these FAQs:

    Conditioning FAQ
    Strength and Power FAQ

    In addition, be sure to make a training log in the training log forum. The logs are a safe place, and even if someone isn't always posting in your log, people are always reading. It's a great way to keep accountable, keep track of your S&C odyssey, become part of the f13 community, and take part in a lot of great training related discussion. Stickied in the training logs forum are community threads and personal records threads, they're a great way to have fun and stay motivated.


    Threads about building specific body parts or other aesthetic goals. This forum emphasizes performance related goals, and enhancing athletic ability; bodybuilding has an aesthetic emphasis. However, we do have a thread where bodybuilding can be discussed freely here. All bodybuilding discussion goes in that thread.

    Redundant Topics
    Please make sure to use the search function before starting a thread. Some topics such as crossfit and p90x have been discussed to death. Please try to make sure that there is something new that can be added to the discussion. However, if there is a new take on a heavily discussed topic, that is fine and not considered redundant. Threads that are found to be redundant will be locked. This is subject to moderator discretion.

    Searching tip - after entering in your keyword, select "Search Titles Only" in the box underneath.

    Forbidden Topics

    Injury threads. Don't ask the internet what you should ask a doctor. Discussing injury prevention, or dealing with minor aches and pains is acceptable. Threads asking for a diagnosis or advice on treatment are not allowed. Advocating steroid usage for any reason is not permitted.

    Threads on music
    . Most of us like to train with music, however music threads are off topic. There is a thread in the training log forum called St Carnal's Pub which has off topic discussion in this subforum, or you can ask in the Pictures and Multimedia subforum. Please ask music questions there.

    Am I strong for my size/age/whatever, or how strong should I be for "X". These aren't questions that there are good answers to. Instead think about where you should put your effort to reach your goals. There is no strong enough, only stronger and weaker.

    How does athlete "X" train / or athlete "X" does this, so shouldn't I? There's a few different reasons we don't like these sorts of threads.
    #1. Elite athletes have multi-year training histories, building work capacity, basic athletic qualities and skills. You're a different person, with a different training history, so your training shouldn't be the same.
    #2. Very rarely will you find complete and accurate information on how a particular athlete trains. What you see may only be a small portion of their actual training, or it could be for the cameras, to psyche out an opponent or what have you. Without knowing in detail the how and why of someone's training, you shouldn't be hasty to emulate it.
    #3. How an athlete trains, or all elements of an athletes training isn't necessarily optimal. There's various reasons for this, from wrong and dated views on training persisting, coaches trying to train outside their area of expertise, to athletes trying bizarre things looking for any edge.
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