Guerilla Cardio good for the Treadmill?


Aug 20, 2004
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Talking about doing sprints to the max on the treadmill, then slowing down then, doing sprints on the treadmill. Anyone do wind sprints on the treadmill? Im worried that the motor my blow out on the treadmill.
I've been doing HIIT on a treadmill for about 20-28 minutes for several weeks (close to a month or a month and a week). In fact I ran yesterday on a treadmill for a grueling 28 minutes high intensity.

I just read up on Guerilla Cardio and ran a couple minutes ago. I feel that it's much better to run outside. I used my cellphone as a stopwatch and just ran on my street.

I don't like traveling all the way somewhere to just run so why not run just outside of your house?

Now that I have found this Guerilla cardio, it's going to be a while when I go back to a treadmill.

Honestly, you gotta go ALL out on high intensity. Do it on your street. You can't do that on the treadmill.

Trust me, it's definitely worth it. Just these 12 minutes, I felt a greater more deeper breath (vox2 or whatever you call it [epoc]) compared to 28 minutes of running high intensity on a treadmill.

Good luck and keep us posted mate.
I was thinking the same thing, and a sollution MIGHT be to put the threatmill on the highest incline settings. This with a reasonable speed will be pretty intensive.
running on a treadmill isn't the same as running in a track or asphalt.
you will not go 100% on a treadmill... period. the transition is too slow, the speed is too constant (and often too low), and the movement is slightly different from real running.