Guard to Takedowns?

Joe Funaro

Amateur Fighter
Jun 9, 2006
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I've seen this from wrestlers in MMA and I'm sure guys use it in BJJ/Sub wrestling.

You have the closed guard. The top man postures up. You open your guard and instead of trying to sweep him, you come to your knees and get a takedown from the knees, usually it looks like a double or single from the knees.

Does anyone do this? Is it a legit move? What are some common set-ups and takedowns from this position? Thanks.
Never seen it done in closed guard, and I imagine it would be very difficult to get it from there. Half-guard, on the other hand is perfect for a single leg take down, as long as you have the underhook.
I think it's more common when someone disengages from butterfly guard to go for the takedown, seems like it would be hard to do from closed guard.
if the guy is trying to back out of your closed guard then by all means it's great. If you try to force it you'll simply get passed.

A lot of times I will throw a wild submission attempt just to open things up at which point most people stand up and back out to scramble away from the attempt. This is the best time I've found to get the takedown from guard.
Yeah if you're talking about sub. wrestling it might be more common. Every move has it's place of course but just remember while trying to do this (go from open guard to knees, underhook and get a single/double) the guy on top of you is most likely trying to remove your head with various elbows, punches and hammer fists.
I think knowledge is power...what i mean is not every move will work for every person but you can adapt moves to make them work for you or your situation.
Just my .02
I got it from but scooting in no-gi. The guy was backing up a little so I rolled up on my knees and shot a double leg.
From half or full butterfly you attack with a sweep or sub to make him lean backwards and then switch to a spear double or single if you can