GSP vs Silva


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Jan 14, 2010
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So who in their right mind thinks GSP vs Silva is a good idea anymore? Especially after the Condit fight. Silva will destroy GSP inside of 2 rounds. Only Silva I wanna see GSP fight is maybe Eric Silva
It doesn't matter if the fans are interested in this fight or not. It isn't up to us. GSP had a chance to make this fight happen and it's pretty clear he wants no part of Anderson Silva right now.

He's making the smart decision by staying at welterweight.
I really dont think this will be a cake walk for silva. gsp has amazing wrestling and the best controlling top game in the ufc. gsp had a poor showing against condit probably due to ring rust etc and still beat him. condit is no walk in the park either. I think silva wins via tko but I wouldnt be surprised by a GSP UD
I 100% agree but Dana makes it pretty clear that it is up to the fans. KenFlo said that he thinks GSP vs Silva is gunna be the storyline of 2013. I just dont get it
I don't see GSP ever getting close enough for a takedown
GSP wins, Anderson is a god standing but he is far from one on his back.
Anderson is amazing but people are really really discounting how good GSP is. He is very careful and has excellent footwork and striking defense and very diverse striking backed up with blackbelt BJJ and maybe the best MMA wrestling in the UFC. He is far from outmatched in that fight even though Silva is rightly the favourite. Silva is spectacular but GSP is still a force to be reckoned with
"Anderson is a God standing" Yet you refuse to acknowledge every fight starts standing.

did he really "refuse" to acknowledge? I didn't see anyone ask him if the fight starts standing. Maybe it's so obvious it can be left unsaid?