GSP can takedown Cain?


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Jan 21, 2012
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I've seen a video a time ago of GSP taking down a big guy that was heavyweight but the guy was not a fighter

anyway, that dude was no trained for defend takedowns but was freaking big and i wonder if GSP with his great wrestling can at least throw cain to the mat with a takedown...
Word is GSP was easily taking down Rashad, Nasty Nate, and everyone else at Greg Jackson's but they had a tough time taking Georges down.

Don't know if Cain was there.
he might be able to get him down once, but could not outwrestle him do to weight diff
Yeah, guys out of Jacksons talk about GSP tossing around Rashad, but from what I've seen from the prime times that doesn't really seem like the case, and it's damn hard to imagine why GSP wouldn't just go dominate Anderson if he could really wrestle the hell out of guys that much bigger than him. Cain is a total monster and nearly as good an mma wrestler as GSP, he would rag doll him. But no doubt GSP tosses around big guys with no wrestling background, I'm sure mighty mouse tosses around big dudes with no wrestling, skill beats the shit out of size, see any early UFC fight involving a wrestler if you don't believe that.
Anyone can take anyone down with leverage. It just gets much more difficult when the guy has 70 pounds on you and is trying to punch your head off

im a big GSP fan.

i dont think he would have an easy time taking cain down, if he could at all.

cain is just sooo much stronger than GSP with more wrestling training.
GSP's standup would not worry cain enough for GSP to get a good shot at the takedown on him.
BTW I think the heavyweight guy you're thinking off is Georges Laroque, a hockey player who did some stuff with GSP
This thread actually made me realize I have no idea how good Cains takedown defense is. he's always being the aggressor.
I would think GSP could get some HW's down, no doubt. Cain would be one I highly doubt, it isn't just his size it's also Cains speed and explosiveness that would be tough to deal with.
Well Rashad is one of the best mma wrestlers and he admits George outwrestled him at jacksons,Rashad is probably the same weight as cain when not cutting so i see no reason Gsp couldnt take him down.
GSP would easily beat him with his timing and open his guard up with the can opener
This reminds me of like 2009 when every other thread was about how GSP could take down God.
Not with Cain able to do damage on an imcoming try.