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Grip Strength!


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Jan 3, 2008
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Heavy finger rolls

After rolling in class the other day and winning the hand war a few times, I got to thinking about grip strength and how nice it is to have it in excess. As a fairly skinny guy, I
dude i need a youtube clip, lol

sorry my mind is takin the night off
Since I'm usually the only one usin' the squat rack, I may just try this.
I'll see if I can put up something on youtube if I can borrow a camera this weekend but in the meantime, I'll try to describe it better.

You're standing at the the squat rack with the bar racked just a little lower than your finger tips when you're standing straight up with your arms down at your side (basically just standing normally).

Bending your legs a little, you grab and pick up the bar with both hands, palms facing away from you.

At this point, you're standing straight up again, but with the bar in your hands, arms straight.

The actual lift is essentially a curl with your fingertips (no thumb involved) except that you start in the concentric position (fingers curled around the bar), roll/lower the bar until your fingertips are almost straight, and then re-curl the bar.

Your arms remain straight. Your legs, back, and thumbs are not involved in the lift.

Don't know if that made things more clear or more confusing....:icon_conf
i do this with DBs...no offense, its nothing ground breaking.
i do this with DBs...no offense, its nothing ground breaking.

Yeah, it's not revolutionary, but I didn't see anyone mention it in the two or three threads on forearm training in the last week.

I climb and have done a lot of different types of grip training and I
It's an all right grip exercise but there's much better out there, these are only included in my training when I feel the need for a change.