Great Service from Cageside/Boomers


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Nov 1, 2007
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I just wanna thank Cageside/Boomers for their great service that they have provided me just recently. I am a new customer to them, and recently I was looking for a pair of TITLE PLATINUM PUNCH MITTS. Unfortunately every other vendor was out of stock and I emailed Boomers to see if they happen to have a pair.

They were quick to reply back with one last pair, and I told them I would purchase it. After I made my purchase, I emailed them hoping no other customer made the purchase before I did, and a few hours later, they replied back letting me know that my order is shipped.

I live in California, and I placed the order on Friday morning. They shipped it out on that exact same day, and I received my package today (MONDAY), which took only 3 days including weekends.

When I opened the package, I was so occupied with looking at the TITLE PLATINUM PUNCH MITTS, that I didn't even notice that there was something left inside the box. My brother asked me "hey did u order hand wraps?" and I told him no. They sent me a pair of red Cageside Handwraps. I was surprised that I received such a gift from BOOMERS/CAGESIDE. I will surely spread their name around to people at my gym.

I want to thank them for their kindness and quick service. I will definitely order from them again. 10/10
Boomer is great o doubt. He's given me a pile of cards with my stuff and i give them out everywhere. I just made another order on the weekend. Now i have that kid witing at Christmas thing going on.
Agreed. Just received a box of goodies for BJJ and everything looks great. Customer service is top notch!
Amen to that.
I have shopped at Boomers and he is really the nicest guy around. GREAT service and he is a little santa with all the extra stuff in the package.
I always recommend him to people.
More and more people are noticeing how great it is to shop at nothing but good stuff there!!!
Even more than Boomer being great to deal with and beyond his awesome prices and shipping, he's just a really good guy. We've exchanged many, many e-mails that had absolutely nothing to do with fighting. He's been a great friend to me and I'm glad that he's finally being recognized for his hard work and superb customer service. Good karma as far as I'm concerned.
I forgot to mention that apparently Boomer was a day slow on shipping my items out so he stepped up the shipping to get it to me much faster for the same cost. I wouldn't have expected that so big props from me again! The Ouano gi I ordered is such an improvement over what I was using before so I will no doubt order my next Ouano gi (blue) from Boomer! :icon_chee
Boomers is amazing. I received my order to Canada in less time then it takes to get orders in my own damn country! I will order from him as long as he has the equipment I'm looking for!
boomer fukin owns! the guy's just straight up nice and i dunno if he's got much of a life (hehe) but the dude replies to emails insanely fast. Customer service is on another level with this guy. And as a canadian customer, he REALLY knows how to take care of you (in regards to taxes and other fun stuff) ;)