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Nov 21, 2005
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Hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting this. I've recently bought some Muscle Milk from this company, and can't do anything but RAVE about them.

On Tuesday morning, I placed an online order for Muscle Milk. Later in the day, I recieved an email along with tracking information. This morning I recieved the products I ordered. The dates on the MM were 4/2007 and 5/2007. And I should mention their prices were awesome.

I got 2.48 lb tub of MM for under $17.00, and a case of RTD for under $22.00. Their shipping rates were reasonable as well. $13.00 delivery for BOTH items. It's been my experience that discount suppliers and Ebay sellers kill you on shipping and "reclaim" any savings there might have been on the product via shipping charges.

If anyone knows a cheaper place, feel free to let me know.

*I have no affilitation to this company, other then being a satisfied customer.
Interesting that they sell in 1, 2 and 4 packs... you save 1c by going form 1 to 2 containers and absolutely nothing by buying 4 at once so there's really no need for them to list like that.
They also charge $12 to ship 2.48lbs to Oregon... doesn't look too good.
$17 + $6.50 = $23.50

Right now the Muscle Milk is on buy one get one half-price at GNC. If you buy them with a Gold Card the price comes down to $25.19 a piece. So this site saved you exactly $1.69.

Now of course the difference here is they probably offer this price (which is the wholesale Price and they make their money on the shipping cost) all the time. But I just wanted to post that comparison for all the pricks who bitch about GNC pricing. With smart shopping you'd only end up paying $1.69 more worst-case scenario.

Oh yeah, and you'd get the supplement with 2008 expire dates or better. At 3-months out like the 4/07 dated items, it's our policy to mark them down 30% anyway. But with MM that never happens.
I'll stick to they sell it for $19.99 and a normal shipping rate instead of that inflated bs
they might have a high shipping price on one item, but if you get two or more, you really save. ie I paid 13.00 shipping for the 2.48lb AND a whole case of RTD.

King, 4/07 is 15 months out, not 3. Also, does GNC always have a "buy 1, get 2nd 1/2 off" on MM? Also, don't forget the gold card discount is only good 1 week out of the month. Not downing GNC, causce chances are I'll probably do some shopping there, but just making a point.