Great BJJ gym, or decent MMA gym?


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Mar 23, 2008
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Posting this in the grappling forum also

Brand new to MMA, my long term goal is for both fitness and to hopefully one day compete (most interested in MMA competition, would grapple though also but not a priority)

Trying to figure out what kind of facility would be best suited for my needs and goals, thought this would be a great place to ask for suggestions

I've narrowed it down to 2 gyms in my area,

1) Great looking BJJ gym with what seem to be many competent teachers and students, but only hold MMA specific classes once a week. All BJJ classes are with a gi. Muay thai classes also held here.


2) Decent looking MMA gym with considerably less experienced teachers and students, but all seem eager to learn and get better. Grappling done without a gi. These guys seem much more oriented towards reaching a very high level of conditioning with workouts before class.

price and driving distance is pretty much equal, with the exception of having to buy gis for the bjj class

#2 seems the more likely choice but it seems that the grapplers in #1 outclass the ones from gym #2, though my judgement could be wrong due to my lack of experience

I work 24 hour shifts, then I'm off for 48 hours. So i would miss 1/3rd of the MMA classes for gym #1. In turn, I would also miss at least one takedown class a week for gym #2.

So really, just wondering what you all think, I appreciate you guys reading and taking the time to respond.
depends on what you want. if you want to build a solid jiu jitsu base before you compete then bjj. but if you want to be a jack of all trades, master of none, then go for the mma gym
I think you should go for the BJJ just because its better to master at least one aspect before you start to learn another one, or if you want to learn stand up you should do that
try them both and see which you prefer. sometimes it has nothing to do with "what" you are training but rather "who" it is that is training you. Find out if the instructors mesh with you as an individual.
i agree with chinaboxer. try them out first then choose which one you want to go to
both, but its better to be great at one style than half decent at several
I have never been a big fan of MMA gyms. I would go with the BJJ one first. i agree that it is better to master one thing then branch off into others.