Grappling toe injury


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Jul 7, 2005
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On Monday night I was rolling right before the end of MMA class, and my big toe sort of curled up under me as we switched postions. It didn't hurt very much, and I kept grappling until the bell rang to end that sparring round. I looked down at my toe and it was a bloody mess! The whole nail was covered in blood. Not much pain, but lots of blood and a nasty looking gaping wound. I ended up getting stitches on Tuesday and won't be able to train for a couple of weeks. Has anybody else dealt with these toe injuries? Is there a good way to prevent them? ( Shoes are not allowed on the mat where I train, as is the case at most martial arts schools I've trained at.)
taping them up is the only thing i can think of, and its an mma class that doesnt allow wrestling shoes?
Wow thats really weird. On sunday I was rolling and my big toe got caught inbetween the mats and I passed his guard while jerking the wrong way and my toe was dislocated and broken. I didnt notice afterwards untill i looked down. Pretty ugly sight. Im very angry tho. Cuz now I cant go for a while.
Toe injuries suck. I've been hurting a lot of them. You said shoes are not allowed on the mat which is true but wresting shoes are not regular shoes they are made for the mat. So get a pair and wear them on top of taping your toe till it heals. Don't go crazy taping it not too tight.
get used to them ive had quite a few dont listen to the doctors you can train just tape it up ALOT and tape it to another toe to keep it from moving and youll be fine, i trained with 2 broken toes and i was fine
I was training about 3 weeks ago with a guy is about 260, I am only 185, and he rolled my foot underneath me while he was in a full mount. I am not exactly sure how it happened but it disclocated my big toe on my right foot. I ended up tapping him with a triangle but it hurt pretty bad. They popped my toe back in place and it felt better, but I just got over it the other day, and I could finally role without it hurting me.