Grappling Instruction or Clubs in Atlanta?


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Oct 3, 2005
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Does anyone know of any affordable clubs or gyms in Atlanta? I know of places like Alliance w/ Jacare but I really can't afford that much ($100 - $150 a month). I've got college loans to pay off with no real graduate level job to get much disposable income. Even a small group of guys to roll with would be fine. I have taken 3 years of Judo so I have a basic knowledge of the ground game. It really stinks that grappling instruction is so pricy compared to striking. I could always go to a boxing gym to get striking training. Thanks in advance...
I know what you mean, most really good clubs charge around $100 a month. Way too rich for my blood. Sometimes you have to look hard to find the smaller/cheaper clubs. There is a Gracie Jiu Jitsu place in my town run by a black belt that is $100 a month. I searched for others and found another Gracie Jiu Jitsu place that charges $50 a month run by a purple, which is fine for me since I am a beginner anyways. There was no advertisement and it wasn't even listed in the phone book. I would suggest to look at some of the different Gracie's websites and see if there is any affiliated schools in your area. Sometimes they have them run by the lower belt ranks for pretty cheap monthly dues. Check out others like Machado or whatever for affiliated clubs in your area. Good luck.
Velocity Kickboxing in Kennesaw has a program if you only want to do BJJ for 69$ a month, give or take, I can't remember for sure.
The main guy is Steve Headen, a Gracie B.B. excellent instructor, IMO. 770-792-7925, they also have other locations in Atlanta. Look me up if you go, and when I heal up.
just south of Atl is Team Praxis.
Blake Bowman is there.
I would go with over velocity anyday, I started BJJ with Paul Creighton, and when I moved I went with Alliance. Both are solid choices, but you said you cant afford Alliance, so give Paul a call, he is a Renzo BB, and is also a UFC veteran, and is a Judo BB also if I am not mistaken.