Grappling Book Question

Corey Kuropas

Dec 13, 2007
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I have a question about which grappling book to get, and wanted a little help for it.

I was wondering if I should get Royler's book of BJJ Techniques for Submission Grappling or Eddie Bravo's Mastering the Rubber Guard.

Which is the better and more helpful book? I train in Submission Grappling, and I do use the rubber guard as well.
If you use the rubber guard a lot, then obviously Eddie's book will be beneficial to your game. My half guard game has made great leaps by using some of Eddie's stuff.

I don't have Royler's book, but I've looked through it before, and it seems like a good book. More of a collection of techniques than a structured book though.

I would also recommend Marcelo's X guard book, and the Guard series by Moriera and Beneville.

If you are only going to get one, then I would say go with Mastering the Rubber Guard, followed by Marcelo's book or Mastering the Twister whenever you can.
Marcelo's book was also another one I was thinking about. I have been using the x guard a lot more, cause my training partners are getting wise to my playing of the rubber guard. Is Marcelo's book or Eddie's book better?
I have both, they are both quality books, Victory Publishing has done well with these publications so far.

Marcelo's book is actually more 50% x-guard and 50% butterfly guard, which I thought was nice - he covers both gi and no gi techniques (I think more gi), dunno how much the gi stuff would be of interest to you.

Eddie Bravo's MTRG and MTT books are both completely no gi.

I'd recommend getting them all three eventually...

If you're a pro fighter with sub grappling experience (or is that tag for a standup only pro fight experience?), I doubt Royler's book (I have this too) will show you anything new - it's mainly a beginners book IMO.
I'm mainly a standup fighter, making the transition from Kickboxing to MMA. I've done some Submission Grappling over the years, but now I'm seriously training it, just like my standup. I use the rubber guard and x guard cause I'm flexible, and a lot of my training partners are bigger guys where they cancel out a lot of my regular full guard work.

So for me, it's coming down between Marcelo's book or Eddie's book.
Renzo and Roylers book is good because it gives a broad overview of alot of aspects of BJJ (self defense, takedowns, various positions, etc...)

I like Mastering Jiujitsu a whole lot (Renzo and John Danahers book) just because of the text. Great theory, great history, great read.

Marcelo Garcias book is excellent as well if you are looking for a specific aspect of BJJ as is Eddie Bravos book. (both are good)
If I had to pick between "Mastering the Rubber Guard" or Marcello Garcia's X-guard book, I'd go with Bravo's. I actually have both books, and Marcello's strictly covers butterfly and x-guard, mostly focusing on sweeps with a few subs, while Eddie's book is strictly no gi (good for anyone interested in MMA) and covers butterfly, half guard, rubber guard, a little x-guard, escapes, plus numerous sweeps and submissions.
I have Bravo's book. Great reading.

Always a great addition to the collection, or a great one to start it off.
I own Eddie Bravo's rubber guard book and i like it, but to tell you the truth i've seen a lot of his twister side contron stuff, and i think i would buy that book if i could do it over again.

What book you should buy also depends on your level. I wouldn't buy bravo's rubber guard book unless you've been doing it awhile. A lot of the kids i train with try rubber guard way to early because they see it on TV or hear about it, or because they are just naturally flexible. The thing is, a rubber guard is very easy to pass IF you don't know what your doing.
i enjoy bravo's book, but i feel that for a standup fighter entering mma, the sweeps in marcelo's might be more beneficial.

then again, the half guard stuff in bravo's book is VERY good.