Gracie jiujitsu in puerto rico


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Aug 21, 2004
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im from the island of puerto rico..and have yet to find any grappling schools in the island even looking it up in the internet....all i find is boxing , taekwondo and some judo....looking preferably for jiu jitsu if anybody knows where i can get more information please holla back
mira cabron, theres a school in rio piedras, they got 2 black belts who got thier black belts from fabricio something{ you can find them on} he got his black from helio i think, just keep looking , google, youll find it, lots of muy thai on the island, bjj is getting bigger but it will ne ver be as big as boxing in pr.
LOL how you gonna call him a cabron, you pantisucio.
Where do you live?
I go to a school that does a lot of grappling in Vega Alta. The school is called Puerto Rico Ju-Jitsu. We do grappling, Judo and stand-up. If you are interested I'll send you the directions.

NOTE: it is not a BJJ school.
i live in rio piedras man....sounds cool..anything to get my can i get in contact..with you guys or the schools..especially the one in rio piedras..since i live there..thanx for the info man..means the world to me
cabron can mean your a bad ass also, or it can mean a lot of shit rolled up into one word

i think there is a behring school in the carolina area.
also look for eduardo hotas and ricardo collazo, i hear they teach there also somewhere