Gracie Barra or ATT? Help!

la vengeance

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Jun 3, 2006
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Hi, I'm going to probably be making a move to Orlando pretty soon and I was wondering if any of you guys have experience with Gracie Barra Orlando or ATT Orlando...?

Or maybe any other good MMA gyms you recommend...I'm not sure which one I want to go with.

I'll be training at Big Nog and Anderson Silva's place down in Miami over summer and wanted to continue up in Orlando.

Thanks guys.
Isn't Garcia training with ATT now? If so I would certainly go with ATT.
if u wanna focus on MMA + Nogi go to ATT

if u wanna focus on Gi go to GB
Marcelo Garcia trains with ATT but he has his own BJJ studio in Hollywood, Fl. right across the street from the hard rock.
The ATT that Marcelo does MMA at is no where near Orlando.
GBO and ATT are both good. Whenever I'm in Orlando, I train at the ATT on Dean and University. It's a lot more convenient because it's near UCF, but another GBO opened at the old ATT location on University and Alafaya. I'm not sure who teaches at the new academy though. If you're downtown, go to GBO. If you're near UCF, you have a choice.
They are both quality places so considering gas prices go to the closer one.