Got to train in Marcelo Garcia's brand spanking new Academy!


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Dec 26, 2012
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I couldn't contain my excitement because tonight I got to train with MG in his new academy. It was the first night they opened so it was pretty awesome.

I took some pictures and wrote about it here.

But in summary... anyone in the area should check it out. They're new location is on

250 w 26th st - 3rd floor between 7th and 8th ave.
I'm already planning out where to live based on the location of MG's academy relative to my workplace. :D
Marcelo is the man! Thanks for sharing.
Very nice write up and the place looks very spacious. Sucks abput all the bad luck Marcelo has been having with gym problems. If I ever go to nyc this'll be one of my first and last stops
Very cool story. Sounds like it was a memorable experience. Thanks for sharing it!
Glad to hear they finally got set back up in a perma location. Nice write up.
Thanks for posting! Can't wait to make it out there myself. I've heard from a few people that his guys are really tough at all belt levels. And the fact that he rolls with all kinds of people who just drop in...I really respect that.
What was the reason for the move, just more students?
man I'm jealous. Glad you had such a great time. I'll definitely hit that place up if i ever get a chance
The question is....

Is it set up to still play dodge ball???
Thanks for all the comments guys. Glad you liked it. I'm sorry I have to head out of NYC so soon. Will need to come back again.
i have family that lives literally two blocks from there.

looks like a vacation is in order.
Training at Marcelo's is still #1 on my BJJ bucketlist.

I'm hoping this year at some point.