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GoodBye MMATRAINER. You Will be missed.


Dec 19, 2001
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Okay Anti, even though we really don't like each other on this board let's pretend like we are going to miss him

Trainer was a good man and a great lover. he always knew how to make a bad thread worse, well that was a bad example but no one lol'd more then that kid. He wwill be forever missed. well most of us will forget him in a month but it sounds good in a euolagy.

Show some respect and post a good bye to him here. He can still see it.

Always keep hope buddy.

Enternal flame of hope.
hahaha was that to MMAT or me. think it would be funny for MMAT.

maybe art had Tanner make up the tape trading story just to get him banned. One of us might be next hound.
Seriously. After reading his chat transcript posted by Tanner you have to wonder about the guy.

His numerous claims of being "well respected" were funny. Does he see himself as some kinda mafia Don or something? I was sympathetic towards him until I saw they way he acted in that transcript.

I will miss him in a very superficial way I guess. So few people are willing to put a lot of energy posting in Anti-Santore.
I think it was a setup. MMA seemed so sweet and innocent. I think he was the patsy in this charade.
truely a sad day for us anti members. just for you guys that think i had any thing to do with this, i can assure you i didn't. but when conrad or any of you other guys get banned rest assured it'll be cause i did it.
Right Art. All I have to do is look at your sig to figure out your intentions
MMA will be missed, especially by us Texans...we gotta represent..you dig??
understood avid. what are you talking about conrad?
He will be missed.

I already miss his pathetic anti-monkey statements
i'll be talking to tanner at kotc and find out the happenings. if that thread on the ot board was are mma or not. if so i'll try and plead that mma was having withdrawls and couldn't help himself.
I am so glad MMAT made it back. Those where dark days without him.

My eternal flame of hope worked
U resurrecting old threads just made me remember Art's avatar. How ironic that i see this around his birthday
what? who? when? fill a bro in, guys :D