Good way to get out of a body triangle while being RNC'd


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Jun 11, 2005
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Ok guys, when I roll I don't really get caught with RNCs. WHen I do though, I can usually break one or both hooks open by going to my side, walking out and rolling to face the opponent , and thus end up in his 1/2 guard or full side control- usal RNC escape. Anyways, something very frustrating is when ppl apply the body triangle while back mounted , as in cross one calf over my waiste, and the other one clamps down on it. This makes it much harder to escape from. So far what I've done is lift up the leg thats clamped over the first one with my opposite leg , then continue to pull it upwards with my hand to turn it into a regular , loose hook , turn over and continue the regular RNC escape. Anyone know an easier way?
First thing to do, sink your chin down to protect your neck. Then turn towards where the feet are crossed in the body triangle. If your about the same weight, if you make a deliberate, jerking turn, you should be able to begin to turn into the person. If they are sleeping, maybe you can go for a foot submission.
Clamping hard with the body triangle is fairly easy... the only way you're turning around is if they have no grip around your neck/chest and if their legs are too long.
interesting tips..i thought the body triangle was just something you coudln't get out of