Good Cheap Boxing Gloves?


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Jul 19, 2005
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I am going to buy a pair of sparring gloves, and a pair of bag gloves and I don't want to spend my whole paycheck. What is a good brand, of inexpensive gloves? Where should I buy them? What brands should I avoid?
Thanx for the help
I knw this is off topic, but SSF, have you used the primetime gloves? What do you think of them?

And to answer the original question, give a look, it's been getting good review but personaly, i havn't tried them.
thedon-I like them, they are well pad so you can hit your training partner full on and they are really well put together. One of the schools I train at are using PrimeTime as their main glove now.

I don't want to do a review on them since I sell them, maybe someone here on the forum can give you their 2 cents.
Ringside makes good gloves. Their value line, Top Contender, is essentially the same gear at a slightly lower price.

Top Contender Training Gloves can be had for $44.99 right now.

Top Contender Super bag Gloves can be had for $34.99 right now. That's damn near free. :D

And their stuff is good quality too. I've been using Ringside and Top Contender gear for a few years now.

Peep it out here: Top Contender gear on
CHawkins said:
Top Contender Super bag Gloves can be had for $34.99 right now. That's damn near free. :D
I definitely agree with the TC super bag gloves. My brother has a pair and they have lasted a while. Padding feels nice, and the leather has held up on them. As long as don't buy department store Everlast or other SUPER Bargain brands, they usually do pretty nice.