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Going to india for 5months what to bring?


Apr 30, 2005
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Let me start off by saying that my last 2years of training has sucked ass!

A 10year old herniated disc injury reflared slowly about 2years ago, the first year i could keep lifting and doing bjj but with some minor discomfort.

About 10month ago i blew out my back and was out for 5months from any kind of training except rehab, i wasnt it much pain but my whole core had shutdown.

My back felt very fragile and i was lucky i didnt hurt myself further, anyway i found a very good personal trainer specialised in rehab whp hooked me up together with reading and watching most of stuart mcgills stuff.

I also did some ART work and acupunture that helped me get my core firing up again.

So for the past 2months ive been doing very light lifting some light bjj training and daily stretching and core/rehab stuff.

Im almost back to good and my entire core feels more alive than ever, im still weak but i feel a potential in my core strength that really think can get me stronger than ever within a few years :D


Been out from blowed out back but feel alot better and im going to india in 6weeks for about 5months.

Question: I will bring whatever training gear i can carry for my entire trip and need some ideas how to get stronger while im there?

I have:

Stretch bands: 60,110,220 pounds + some light tubing

Jungle gym XT ( TRX copy but better since the bands are seperate like OLy rings, but the handles are like the TRX)

Grippers: 130,210 pounds (i Smash the 130 pounds with both hands but struggle with 210, can almost crush it with one hand but the other one no way.

Running shoes??

Anything else i could get that doesnt weigh much?
My opinion, for whatever it's worth.

You won't get stonger with stretch bands and grippers. Either join a gym when you're there if possible, or focus on your rehab. Another 5 months after 2 years is nothing, and when you get back, you'll be confident and healed and ready to start a real strength program.

Again, just my two cents.
I have no idea why you would say such a thing, my rehab basicly consists of getting a stronger core and better overall flexibility.

Joining a gym wont be an option since i will travel around the country,

But seriously i can get alot stronger and esp get my muscle endurance to a good level, just relaxing training and doing yoga for 5months will probably do me good.

The trx is def underated here since you can def get stong with it. and with the version i have i can do stuff like muscle ups, dips and all kinds of gymnastic stuff.

And a 220pound band can def build strength, high rep good mornings, squats etc.

So yeah my squats and deadlift will not go up but i cant really train those seriously right now anyway, but i can get a very good overall strength base back from this trip.

Anyway does anyone have any ideas what more i should bring?
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If you can't find a gym where you are at, I always recommend a large book bag. You can get bricks, weights, metal, bags of dirt, whatever....

From there you can do simple routines with weighted squats and lunges, you can deadlift it, you can do incline weighted pushups, weighted dips, weighted curl and pull ups.

It would be easy to set up a simple program with weekly increases in weight/reps. The military style assault pack I had held almost 300lbs in it, and my boys and I would usually resort to that while we were in the field.