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    so guys i've got a muay thai fight at the end of september, which gives me almost 3 months to get ready and i want to drop weight as low as i can go without cutting to much water weight.
    right now im 5 11 and 167-170 p
    i'm looking to fight at between 155-158
    right now i'm training (3 hours) mondays, wednesdays, fridays, and sundays, and lifting on tuesdays and thursdays with saturdays off.
    right now my diet is looking like this

    6.30am-bowl of oats with honey
    9.30 am- 200g yogurt, bananna, apple
    12.00 am- 200g tuna with brown rice
    3.00 pm- 3 eggs scrambled
    6.30 pm- chicken breast/steak/fish usually with green veggies or with noodles in a stir fry
    9.00 pm- i usually have a protein shake

    so i'm just trying to find out whether extra cardio is going to get me to a lower weight while eating like this or am i going to have to make some changes to my diet and what sort of changes??
    thanks for any help guys

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