Going for the Double from the Clinch/Hughes Style?


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Aug 12, 2002
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is it possible to get this without having thier backs to the fence?......its definitely tougher.....

if I dont have thier back against a wall, what are some better options?
slap their head to distract their focus.
I think you almost have to have your opponent against something. Ropes should work as well as the cage.
I can get it some times by puliing my head backwards and upwards before dropping for the shoot, half the time my opponent tries to throw a hook for my chin and this distracts them and helps prevent them being able to block or move back fast enough it also gives them a little bit of momentum towards me.

One thing I do to try and get a little room to manouvere is to slap the outside of both elbows, for some reason a lot of people move their arms outwards when you do this (don't know why really but it gives you some room)