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God Bless Corporate America..They rule.


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Dec 18, 2001
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14-year-old squeegee punks have been trying to tell us for years, but now everybody knows: corporations hate us. The collapse of energy trading giant Enron is a watershed in the history of corporate America because it woke up the whole world. The essential strategy of any corporation is to maintain the vitality of its market share, stock value and revenue stream as long as possible
it's 3:45am where i'm at..I can't stay awake long enough to read this post
Yes indeed, good stuff.

Corporate America provides me with the toilet paper and condoms I use.

See how dependent we are?
But bear in mind, no matter how bad the corporations are, the government is just as bad.

Just fuck authority in the ass.
"any large ogranization in inherantly corrupt" great post. I used to be a socialist until I recognised the beauty of that maxim. and I saw that even the university that I attend with less than 20,000 students cant even function smoothly without shenanigans all over the place. since then I have been thinking about the libertarian party where they try to eliminate almost all government except for the police and national defence.
corprete america makes the rules because 80-90% of all campaighn contributions come from them.

john Mcain tried to run for the presidency honestly without taking any corperate campaign contributions and he lost. I would have deffinetly voted for him.

take alaska for example we have vast oil reserves and we just let the oil companys come in and take it for free. fucking over every alaskan that is entitled to the profits from the oil on our state land
Yeah, screw the corporations....screw the gov't....screw all the "haves" because us "have nots" are jealous and want that wealth, we're just not willing to work for it. Hand outs and free condoms for everyone is the antidote to this country's woes....please.
it's not about money as much as it's about control over our own government. I'm not a communist but it really is starting to sound like the Proletariat and the Bourgeoise. just like marx said. I guess we'll always have a ruling class unless we go for anarchy.
and don't even get me started on how the government is spying on us with our computers. its just like 1984 for fucks sake.
That's a great post, 8th. It's horrifying but true. Government and business have become one entity. We're nothing but tools being used to feed a hugely corrupted system. In the US we are fooled worse than anybody in history ever has been.
we are doing something about it by spreading the word and making people care about what happens to them. which is the best way to change things in a democracy. what do you suggest we do QCA fly a plane into a building?
Originally posted by butterysteez
we are doing something about it by spreading the word and making people care about what happens to them. which is the best way to change things in a democracy. what do you suggest we do QCA fly a plane into a building?

LOL..now thats a great post..
One of the biggest problems, and a reason corporations are fucking us up the ass without having to buy us dinner first, is the joke called voter turnout. No one comes and votes. We can bitch and moan all day about how we hate whats happening, but when it comes time to cast our voice we choose not too.
8th, you are one ignorant dumbass. I don't care if I get carded, you're "looking in from teh outside" analysis is just plain stupid. Every government has its flaws, period. Your Candian government, while being so fuckin passive in world affairs has been scheming millions thru NAFTA adn thousand in jobs. Your government has benefited at teh expense of my nation. Too bad you don't see that. You sem to point out the bad stuff about America. Why is that? Are you jea;ous of America? Or do yo ulike to be a bitter bitch about things and complain(troll) on this forum? I don't give a fuck what your Canadian ass thinks of America. Corporations like Ford Co. and U.S. Steel forged the U. S. economy to what we know it as nowadays. If it wasn't for our government and our economy, you'd be in a world of hurt. Matter a fact, I think your ass will not be here much longer. People are getting tired of your ass on here, well, exept for the uneducated, "let's rebel against authority" type fucks who think going against teh government will solve our antin's problems. It takes more from a man to work together to solve a problem than to take the easy way out and sit on th esidelines and cry, bitch, moan, or what ever else teh fuck you do, 8th. Remember this, MODERATOR< , I don't care for you or your opinions. America has done more for most nation's on earth than you care to believe. Maybe you are bitching cause you're taking Political Science I in your community college. Either way, you're a misguided, uneducated idiot who shouldn't be allowed to mod on this forum.
Everybody bitches, nobody votes...when you ask why, they try to feed you some apathetic, conspiracy-ridden excuse. That blows.

By the way, any of you happy-go-anarchy fucks wanna TRY to establish your home-spun chaos rule, feel free to try. I'll be one of the first to splatter blood and lead all across your face like a huge Peter North nut shot on some cracked out runaway.

Hey Ranger how long do you have to be enlisted for before the urge to stick your dick in a man's ass sets in?